Drastically Improved Gameplay?

Two notable changes have are included in Flyboy v1.11. One is a minor feature addition and the other drasticly effects gameplay

Faster acceleration, more land friction I recently played the 2010 Linux update to an old platform favorite of mine called Sqrxz. After playing it for a while I played Flyboy and felt like I was walking in molasses. I decided to retune the acceleration and land friction variables in Flyboy to see how it felt.

I increased WALK_ACC from .18 to .24, a 30% increase. I also decreased the LAND_FRICTION modifier from .6 to .5, which reduces a players speed faster when they stop moving. The result is a much more responsive character. The game is also a bit easier, because although the top speed and maximum jump distance is unchanged, less distance is needed to make a long jump and less space is needed to outrun an enemy.

I don't know if the current physics setting will be the final ones, but they are used for this version at least. Since Flyboy is a bit easier now, and because I mastered the 100 maps currently included with it, I may design a new Insane skill level with 30 more maps in the next version.

Improved Random Mode
A random options has been available for a long time. After finishing every map in a map database(easy, hard, homemade, etc.) a random option appears at the top of the map menu when players start a new game. After exiting, however, players who selected 'Resume' from the main menu would be presented with the maps in the original order, starting at whichever map number happened to correspond with the number of random maps he finished last time he played.

Now, after playing a file in random mode, selecting resume from the main menu will load the same file and play the maps in a random order. Maps that have already been finished may need to be played again, however.

Skip Map
When playing in random mode, a 'Skip' option is added to the pause menu, allowing players to skip whatever map that they are currently playing.


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May 24, 2019
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May 24, 2019

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