The latest version of Flyboy is a major revision.

New Features

GPU Rendering

SDL2 sprite batching is now used (and required) for the graphics, using directx on Windows or OpenGL on other platforms. Between this and other optimizations, the game now runs at a locked 30 frames per second with minimal CPU and GPU usage. Android and Raspberry Pi support should be available soon.

Unlimited Map Size

The new rendering method allows practically unlimited map sizes.

Particle Effects

Larger explosions and better flame effects are possible with hardware accelerated transparency, rotation, and scaling.

Smooth Transitions

GPU rendering allows better transition effects when moving from room to room, and seamless changes from fullscreen, small window, and large window mode(Press F during gameplay). The game always runs at a 1600x900 resolution but scales with anistropic filtering.

Nine Missions

The game now includes 9 missions divided into 3 difficulty levels in addition to the 100 classic levels and a tutorial for both classic and mini metroidvania mission modes.

Forgiving Gameplay Mode

An option is provided that makes platforming and combat slightly more forgiving.

Known Problems

High DPI Unawareness

Pygame does not provide DPI information, which may result in the large window mode to be larger than your display. For this reason the game now defaults to fullscreen. Also, it is possible that the image will be distorted when in fullscreen mode on displays with an aspect ratio that differs too much from the common 16:9 format. The fullscreen aspect ratio issue should be fixed soon.

Coming Soon

More Missions

I hope to provide many more longer missions that utilize the larger map sizes and new features such as enemy spawners.

Android and Raspberry Pi Support

Bug Fixes


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Dec 06, 2020
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Dec 06, 2020
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Dec 06, 2020

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