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Aliens evaded Earth, trashed your bedroom, and squished your little sister. After killing one with a lucky throw that opened its helmet and made him choke on oxygen, you hijacked his ship and rode autopilot back to its mothership. You've got a space suit and a jetpack, but no fuel or weapons. Hopefully you'll find some soon, since the alien ship is full of dangerous robots, traps, and puzzles.

The goal of Flyboy is to walk, jump, and jetpack across alien warships until you find all the switches that activate the self destruct sequence. Then you must find an escape pod before time runs out and ride it to the next ship. Try to destroy them all before they reach Earth.

You can use a gamepad or the keyboard to play Flyboy. Enable gamepad controls from the option screen to use one. You'll be asked which buttons to use for JUMP, USE, and SWITCH.


  • Scrolling HD graphics
  • Over 100 classic platforming rooms
  • Nine missions with top view maps connecting rooms with block-pushing puzzles
  • 7 evil robotic guardian types
  • 8 comedic death animations play in showers of bloody gibs
  • Music and over 50 sound effects
  • Plenty of easy maps for beginners and casual gamers
  • Intensely difficult maps for hardcore platform fans
  • Agility challenges and trial-by-error puzzles
  • Demanding jetpack mechanics with minimul fuel reserves
  • Blocks that can be pushed, destroyed, and materialized
  • A fully featured level editor

Arrows or Joystick: Make Flyboy walk or climb
C or JUMP button: Press to make Flyboy jump. Press it again while airborne to use your jetpack if you have fuel for it.
X or USE button: Press to use an item that you picked up. You can only hold one item at a time.
Z or SWITCH button: Press to flick a switch, to drop an item, or to pick up an item that you already dropped.

Installation Notes
This version requires Windows 7 or later. Just run the installer and use the icon it creates. If you install into your Program Files folder then the maps will be saved into My Documents\Flyboy. Otherwise they will be saved into the Flyboy\Maps folder.

The Linux version was built against the Steam Runtime and should run on most GNU/Linux systems that support Steam or SDL2. Just unzip it into any directory where you have write access and execute the Flyboy executable. You may use 'icon.png' or 'banner.png' for any shortcut or launcher that you prefer to use.

If you run into problems you can try running the game by executing run_game.py with the python interpreter of your choice. It requires pygame2.0 or above.

Mac and other systems
The Linux version includes run_game.py and should run on any system with python3.5 or higher, with pygame2.0 or higher and OpenGL support. Execute it by running python run_game.py or python3 run_game.py depending on your system configuration.

Flyboy is a work-in-progress platform game nearing completion. Following a short commercial period it will be released into the public domain. Until then, this work in progress is freely available. Feedback and criticism are always welcome.

This software is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. The author maintains ownership of all code, graphics, sound effects, and level data included with the software. This software may be used freely but distributed only in its original form.

Any levels created with the built in level editor must be distributed separately from the software. Please submit any levels, artwork, sound effects, or music that you wish to be included with the final game to michaelcpalmer1980@gmail.com. All submissions will be considered. Ownership of submissions is retained by the submitter and such submissions will not be included with the game unless such permission is granted.


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🙂 Nice Game tho the Mac version is a bit laggy idk if the problem is with my system. Btw which engine are you using.

I've never tested on Mac or received feedback from Mac users. The game is written in Python using the pygame framework. The engine is my own. It should run at a constant 30fps with minimal CPU and GPU usage and never drop below 30fps. There can be a slight variance because of the inaccuracy of timers in Windows, and your problem can be similar on Mac. There is an option to change from the fast clock to an accurate clock. This might fix your problem.