One new feature and a few bug fixes.

I decided to allow robots to carry pickups that drop when they're destoyed. This applies to RoboJohnnies, RoboBouncers, and RoboBoxes. I couldn't add the dropped items to the grid because it would override important objects such as doors, switches, etc where the robot stood when shot. Therefore I needed to place the items by location instead of by cell. It took a bit more work to get going than I initially planned but I like the results.

I especially like how RoboBouncers drop their item if they fall far enough after being stunned. One new level requires you to shot a bouncer once, wait for it to wake up to grab the key where it dropped, and then use the bouncer to jump high enough to finish the level. Another requires careful shooting, because if you shoot the bouncer in the wrong spot it'll fall down onto the spikes below and drop its item where you can't get it.

Most of the fixed bugs were related to turrets. The bugs have likely existed for quite some time and could have caused a rare crash, but one level in particular(Crossfire Scaffolds) brought them to my attention. The turrets still don't track players and predict their location as well as I'd like, but at least they don't crash the game.

I also designed twenty-something new levels. I'm close to my goal of 30 levels each of easy, medium, and hard. Including the 10 tutorial levels it totals a nice round 100 levels. Many of the new levels are extremely difficult. There's a few that I can't even finish myself. I tested them one section at a time from the editor, so I know they're possible, but getting everything right in one pass-through has yet eluded me.

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